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Our Business model

Oval Impex believes in total transparency when working with its clients and vendors and it is this transparency of operations which has helped Oval Impex to grow its business year on year and secure extremely good clientele, which include some Fortune 500 Global Companies from across the world.
Clients of Oval Impex understand and appreciate the value that we bring in the supply chain enabling their sourcing experience from India to be very rich and profitable, despite the small additional cost that they land up paying for our service.

Depending on the nature of the business and the requirement of the customer, we offer solutions in the following manner to the business of which we are part:

1. Facilitation
In this model, the role of Oval Impex is to identify the vendor, develop him, be involved in the negotiation process to help buyer get thee best value for the money spent in buying from the designated vendor, product development, product approvals, production and process planning and execution of the business in terms of quality and timely delivery. Buyer places orders directly in name of vendors and our involvement is paid for as a separate margin, either by the buyer or the vendor.

2. Consolidation
When a client wishes to procure several products from different vendors in India, Oval Impex becomes its single point of contact and operation. In this model, orders are placed on Oval and Oval in turn procures the materials from various vendors, consolidates the same at Vilson Auto, where the product quality is checked or value addition done, packed and then shipped. In this process, Oval teams are involved in the entire process of vendor and product development and margins retained in such a manner by Oval, that the product cost does not escalate too much.

3. Value addition
Depending on the product, volumes and the nature of the customer’s requirement, raw forgings or castings or laser cut metal sheets are procured from our approved vendors and further processed at Vilson Auto. After the processing, products are subjected to the necessary quality approvals, following which, they are packed and shipped. Orders are received by Oval Impex and processed through the sister company Vilson Auto.

4. Financing and execution
At times, a good opportunity is lost out only because the vendor is unable to offer payment terms to the buyer due to constraints best known to him. At such times, and after thorough due diligence of the vendor, Oval Impex, renders itself ready for funding the opportunity by securing finance from its sister company, Tirugan.
In this case too, buyers place orders on Oval Impex, who in turn procure the material from the vendor after providing the necessary finances for working capital. Products, in this case, are invariably got to Vilson Auto for inspection and only after being satisfied, parts are released for packing and shipment
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About Oval Impex

Trust is the basic foundation on which Oval Impex has been built while Integrity, Reliability and Transparency are the pillars which help us uphold our Credibility. Started with a humble beginning as a consultancy firm, Oval Impex is, today well entrenched into the arena of international trading. The company brings to your doorstep, products sourced from the very best and highly reliable manufacturing companies in India at competitive prices. Every factory we are associated with is a ISO 9000 / TS 16949 certified company, supplying over 80% of its production to reputed OEM customers such as General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Daimler Benz, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Hyundai, TATA, Leyland, etc. All parts that we ship to our clients are checked by our own quality assurance department and are therefore backed by our own warranty for performance.
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