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  Forklift Wheel Rims –
Oval Impex is the largest exporter of cast iron / ductile iron / fabricated wheel rims for the forklift and scissor lift industry in the world. The forklift rims are suitable for press on band tire and for mold on wheel application in scissor lifts. The size of the rims exported by Oval range from 8” diameter to 20” diameter. Till date, the team at Oval has been responsible for export of over 1 million wheels globally.

Solid Tires –
Oval Impex is a leading source for supply of high quality solid resilient tires and press on band wheels, manufactured by SUN-TWS, a TVS Group Company and the largest manufacturer of this product in India. The team at Oval Impex has been involved in the sale of solid tires for over three decades and have in depth knowledge of the product, its application and product solutions. Business is direct with SUN-TWS with Oval Impex working as the extended marketing arm of SUN-TWS.

Automotive and industrial filters -
From its sister company, Manley Auto Pvt Ltd., Oval Impex brings to you high quality automotive and industrial filters manufactured at the state of the art dust free facility of Manley Auto. Filters are supplied in Manley brand and cover a large spectrum of application ranging from tractor, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, generator sets and heavy earth moving machinery. Oval Impex is able to supply competitively priced filters of all type and these include air filter, oil filters, fuel filter, fuel water separator, hydraulic filter, strainers, air oil separator, panel filters, etc.

Railway components –
Through its strategic tie up with Aura Lasertech Pvt Ltd., where Oval has access to laser cutting facility of sizes upto 8m length and inhouse CNC bending and heavy fabrication facilities at Vilson Auto, enable Oval to provide the global and national Railway industry with high quality fabricated structures which include end walls, side walls, under frames, tanks, toilets and such other made to drawing assemblies.
Other than the fabrications, Oval is able to machine and supply critical forgings and sub-assemblies such as centre pivot pin and its assembly, anti roll bar shaft, anti roll fork, anti roll bar bracket, etc.
Oval Impex is also involved in engineering solutions for problems faced by the national and global rail industry related to alignment of wheels, wheel balancing and magnetic scales. The company is also actively involved in developing various kind of electrical relays for the national and international railroad industry.

Machined Castings & forgings
Oval Impex has access to a vast equipment bank in India for sourcing various kind of castings in the weight range of 1kg to 150 kgs while close die forgings would fall in the range of 0.2kgs to 120 kgs. Such forgings and castings are, many times, finish machined, inspected and packed at Vilson Auto.
In case of very large sized businesses, the company provides support to source good quality fully machined castings or forgings directly from the principal company and execute the sale.
Oval Impex, has over the years exported several million dollars worth of machined castings and forgings which include simple and critical products requiring intensive tooling. Products exported by Oval Impex include axle shafts, precision ground pins, yoke shafts, UJ crosses, brake drums, wheel hubs, cast iron casings, brackets, cylinder heads, bearing caps, connecting rods, crankshafts and various type of gears.

Machined Castings & forgings
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About Oval Impex

Trust is the basic foundation on which Oval Impex has been built while Integrity, Reliability and Transparency are the pillars which help us uphold our Credibility. Started with a humble beginning as a consultancy firm, Oval Impex is, today well entrenched into the arena of international trading. The company brings to your doorstep, products sourced from the very best and highly reliable manufacturing companies in India at competitive prices. Every factory we are associated with is a ISO 9000 / TS 16949 certified company, supplying over 80% of its production to reputed OEM customers such as General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Daimler Benz, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Hyundai, TATA, Leyland, etc. All parts that we ship to our clients are checked by our own quality assurance department and are therefore backed by our own warranty for performance.
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